Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

I am married to Jenny and we have a 20-year-old son Jack.

I came to the Christian faith slightly late in life and gave my life to Jesus on an Alpha course run by Laura Hewitt, who is now my boss and Vicar at St James church and has been a close friend for over 20  years.

Even though I was not taken to Church as a child I understand how important this grounding is in the spiritual life of a child. If we get the foundations right then our children can go on to a have fruitful life and relationship with Jesus and the church plays a big part in this.

Over the years I have been involved in many children and youth groups, holiday camps, Christian retreats and also worked as a house parent at various boarding schools.  I feel like this has been an amazing journey bringing me to this point, where I am now the Children and Youth Pastor. I count every day a blessing and a privilege to work with such a diverse group of children and I feel they are teaching me to be a better person and bringing me closer to God in my own Christian faith. I believe it is a life long adventure and I’m delighted to be involved in our young people’s spiritual journeys, this is something I will always cherish.  To see the world through children’s eyes is a blessing!

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