JIM’s Café

JIM’s Café

Community Advice and café

We are a free service offering advice for the community & we have great free coffee! We have access to online service and can assist in form filling.

Open every Monday 10am – 2pm term time

Great services include:

Citizen Advice Service

Chipping Barnet Foodbank

CAP (Christians Against Poverty)

Barnet Local Authority Fostering Service

HAB Homeless Action Barnet

FIN Friends in Need

Jim’s is a continuation of this vision to become the ‘hub of the community’, we will be responding to physical needs, and offering spiritual support at the same time.   Faith without Action does not change a community, Jesus responded to the needs of the people and then preached the Good News that God loves them, and we need to learn from Jesus.   Sonia heads up the practical running of the Café, so if you need any help or what to find out more, have a chat with her.  Laura will be around to help with any spiritual needs and will be available to pray and talk about Jesus with people on a Monday at the Café.  

If you would like to get involved in anyway then please talk to Sonia or Laura or email the office. These are exciting times, so pray for all that is going on and how to get involved.