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The Glowworms creche, all ready for the under 3s

Kidschurch is a fun, and safe place for children aged 0-11 to experience church on a Sunday morning. It starts around 15 minutes into the service.

Gloworms (ages 0–2)

Children aged 0-2 love our Gloworms creche – a safe, soft-play environment where you can make lots of noise without disturbing anyone.

Sparks (ages 3–reception)

Sparks is for children aged 3-reception; and provides a mix of fun craft activities, teaching, songs, and play.

Our Sparks group for years 1 to 3 age range

Flames (year 1–3) & Blaze (year 4–7)

Flames is for children in school years 1–3, and Blaze – for children in years 4–7 – has lots of craft, fun, lively games, and plenty of time learn about Jesus in an age-appropriate way.

Ignite (year 7–9)

Our Ignite group is for years 7–9 runs on the first and third Sundays of the month.

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