Our Vision

Our Vision

The Church New Barnet needs is a community that…

  • wholeheartedly follows Jesus, and longs for His glory and fame to be known in New Barnet and beyond.
  • endeavours to keep God’s word, the Bible, central to all that it does.
    is outward-looking, vibrant and fun.
  • welcomes, values and cares for all, and within which the lonely and broken can find refuge, new hope and lasting friendship.
  • offers answers to today’s questions in language anyone can understand.
  • works together to make lifelong disciples for Jesus Christ.
  • depends prayerfully upon God our Father, trusting him to provide all we need.
  • recognises growth as the proper state of God’s kingdom.
  • encourages people to discover and fulfil God’s purpose for their lives.
  • seeks to work with others for the good of New Barnet.
  • strives for excellence in all it does.
  • It’s a community where God is known to be at work by his Spirit.

That’s the Church New Barnet needs….Our vision is to become that church.

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