Are visitors welcome?

Are visitors welcome?

Everyone is welcome: whether you’ve just moved to the area, or are just in town for a weekend; whether you’ve been going to church all your life, or have never set foot in one before, you are welcome at St James’ Church!

As part of our welcome, we promise:

  • We will not ask you for money. St James’s is a family, and families look after their own financial affairs. We don’t expect visitors to give.
  • We will not make you stand up and identify yourself as a visitor. Seriously, there are churches that do this! Can you imagine anything scarier? So we promise not to do it!
  • We will do our best to welcome you! No-one likes being ignored. Our Welcome Team will meet you at the door, help you find a seat and provide any information you’ll need for your visit. We hope you’ll stick around afterwards for refreshments and chance to get to know people.
  • We will look after your children during the service. To enable you to relax and participate in the service, you can bring your children to our into our crèche and other “kidschurch” activities. Our police-checked kidschurch team will look after them and help them enjoy an age-appropriate version of church. If your children have any special requirements, please let our kids church team know. To find out more about kidschurch and our other work with children, click here.

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