Alistair Heagerty

Alistair Heagerty

Many years ago I went to University as a theist – one who believed in God, but who did not believe that Jesus was in any sense divine. That comfortable stance was shattered later that term at a student mission organised by their Christian Union. I studied “Engineering”, and after Uni worked for 2 years as a site engineer for George Wimpey. At a Church of England Selection weekend I was deemed suitable to be trained for three years at a theological College (The London College of Divinity, now St John’s, Nottingham). This was followed by ordination, and a four year curacy at Holy Trinity, Margate.

Then, by a set of curious chances, I enrolled as an Army Chaplain, this time surviving for 24 years, until pensioned off aged 55. For the next 11 years I got a job running a small daughter church in Kingswood, Bristol, and then retired on my 66th birthday, to my wife Jennifer’s birthplace, Barnet.

Zoe Jones
Men's Ministry Leader
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