A youth group for botys and girls that take place on Tuesday evenings, weekly for children in school years 2-6.

Zone is held indoors, at the church, which includes games,  cooking, craft activities, computer games and other sports for good measure, along with the occasional outing.

In the summer months, we hold a few sessions at the vicarage garden which will include water-based games, ball games, zip wire etc, along with a BBQ.

Each session we’re also trying to learn a vital lesson for life from the Bible.

To provide plenty of space for active games we meet in St James’s Church and in the garden at 11 Park Road, EN4 9QA, where there’s loads of room for outdoor games and a BBQ.

You can download a termcard here Winter – 2020. We are currently full so please email us if you have any queries, or call Paul our church youth worker on 07535 086 247.

We charge subs of £2 a session.