Sunday Service

Sunday Service

What can I expect to happen at a Sunday service?

At St James’, Sundays are all about celebrating how amazing Jesus is and responding to Him.

Every week there’ll be:

  • Time when the Bible is explored in a way that impacts your daily life. We aim to encourage, challenge, laugh, and learn together.
  • Time to pray for the world, the community and ourselves. A different person will lead these each week  but please don’t worry – we don’t pick on visitors at random to do this!
  • Time to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection. Every fortnight we share a small meal of bread and wine – a wonderfully simple way for us to remember, encounter and respond to God’s love. We usually ‘take communion’ on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month (though occasionally we vary it).
  • Time to respond to God in song using a mix of new and old songs.
  • Time to care for one another. A great time to do this is over coffee after the service.

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