Christians Against Poverty (CAP): and the CAP Money Course –comes to St James

Christians Against Poverty (CAP): and the CAP Money Course –comes to St James

Many lives are seriously affected by debt and poverty. Some parents have difficulty feeding their children, some families face eviction and there are many more who could just do with a little spare cash for an occasional treat.

In 1996, John Kirkby started CAP to help people recover from financial problems. The CAP Money Course helps people with simple practical steps that have been proven to work when managing money and debts has become a real burden. The course includes-

  • building a balanced budget
  • the CAP money system which helps you to stick to your budget
  • professional help, if required, to negotiate with any creditors

The aim of the course is to help achieve a debt-free future and a more fulfilled life. Currently over 1,100 churches run the course for their communities with over 10,000 benefitting every year.

Four St James’s members have been trained as Cap Money Coaches – Bob Bayman, Doug Rolfe, Zoe Jones and Andrew Cooper. We are planning to run the CAP money course as three evening sessions this autumn. Our first course will be open to church members and friends. Future courses will also be open to folk who are referred to us by agencies such as Citizens Advice and Barnet Foodbank.

The CAP Money Course is a church based course and delegates who take the course will be aware that it is being run by Christians for the local community. Many folk have come to faith through the course.

Is the CAP Money Course just for those in debt?  No – it is for everyone. The tools taught on the course are vital life skills and can help everyone manage their finances better. The course is designed to help those on low incomes, the self-employed, couples, families as well as those preparing for retirement.

Please pray for this initiative at St James’s – that it will be another way that we can bless our local community. If you would like to find out more there will be the opportunity to ask questions and have more information by speaking with one of us – Bob, Zoe, Doug or Andrew- after Sunday morning services.

The founder of CAP, John Kirkby, says

“Jesus met people’s needs with love, compassion and practical help. The desire of CAP is simply to do the same and watch the miracles unfold”.


Andrew Cooper